Tattoo artist from Samara, Russia.
Tattoo Studio
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Tattoo Yakuza exists since 2011 and is specialized in the areas of tattoo and piercing.
The cost of one session for 6-8 hours: $230.
The number of sessions depends on the size and detail of the work, as well as on the place of application.
1-2 sessions

We understand that you want to get something special and unusual, so experts create every pattern on your skin with special care.
1-2 sessions

A new sketch on top of the old one, or supplement the old pattern, making it colorful, bright and unique. In case the fix is not possible, an overlap is necessary.
Body piercing
from $2

Piercing today is not only a decoration, but also a sign that sets you apart from other people. We do it with extreme precision, from beginning to end. The work uses the latest tools, past hygienic treatment.
December to Germany
Friends! I will work in Germany from December 3 to December 16, 2018
1st place at tattoo convention
Took 1st place at a tattoo convention in Italy warsaw tattoo convention in the category Realistic Tattoo

6th Warsaw tattoo convention
Took first place in Poland at 6th Warsaw tattoo convention 2018
Andrew, I want to say thank you so much for my beauty. After seeing your work, the first thought was "Go and do already what you want to do for so many years." A result that is better than a picture is incredible. Damn nice to know that what has been done "forever" will never make me feel sorry for what has been done. I will definitely come back again.
Maria Medvedeva
Thank you so much Andrew for the excellent work! I have not yet met the masters who make tattoos so high quality and professional, although I live in Europe! If you have a desire to get a tattoo, but there is excitement about the quality of its performance, then with this master you can safely discard all your experiences. Great master and artist!
Oleg Yartsev
Hello Andrey! Everything is fine with my tattoos, healed, beautiful, but I still use it, I like it very much! Thank you very much for your work! Upon arrival home, I unsubscribed from the news of a pair of local tattoo artists — after you, my idea of tattoos changed radically)
Anna Ivanova
I was looking for a master for a long time who would make a high-quality tattoo, after the first session it was clear that he had not lost, in my opinion, no one does a better tattoo in Samara.
Kirill Kirillov
To sign up for a tattoo, contact me in any way convenient for you.

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